Option 1 - Enter transactions contemporaneously when you charge the expense. This prevents forgetting the expense or trying to match expenses when the statement is received.

To post these expenses to the matter:

  • Go to the Accounting tab
  • Choose Bank tab.
  • Choose Credit Card Bank (create one if you have not already)
  • Bank Details > Transactions > Add
  • Proceed to enter a transaction, just like you would for another bank.
  • Select "Post as Matter Expense", select "New Expense Card" option and complete expense card for that matter
  • If you had previously entered an expense card for the matter, select "Choose Existing Expense Card" option and only matters that contain unbilled expenses with matching amounts will be available to select.
  • Click Save

Option 2 - Import your credit card transaction at month end, and then link these transactions to the matter.

For steps on importing, click HERE