A journal entry is used to move amounts from one general ledger account to another. Journal entry is a sophisticated accounting activity; please check with your accountant before proceeding.
  1. Go to the Accounting
  2. Choose Journal Entries tab
  3. Click "Add"
  • Entry#: Use an entry # or keyword to identify the entry
  • Adjusting Journal Entry: Check off this option if you need to adjust a journal entry. After the journal entry is saved, you will seeicon letting you know the journal entry was adjusted.
  • Date: This will default to today's date
  • Choose the account from the drop down
  • Enter Debit or Credit amount
  • Enter Name and Memo, if applicable
You will notice a "Difference" field at the top of the grid. All journal entries must balance with a difference of $0.00 in order to be saved.
  • Choose a different account from the drop-down
  • Enter Debit or Credit amount
  • Enter Name and Memo, if applicable.

We provide you with 2 fields to make your entries, but you can click "Add" to allow for more entries. You can do multiple debits/credits in one entry as long as the difference ends up as $0.00.