Checks and cash payments, of course, are tracked along with your operating bank, but a credit card is an entity all on its own. To track those transactions, we have a third bank type called Credit Card Account.

  •  Go to Accounting > Bank
  • Click Add and add a Credit Card Account. 
  • Once this account is added, select it and click details

Under the transactions tab here, you can enter the individual transactions. (for steps on how to import your credit card statements, go HERE) If an item is a matter cost, you can link it directly to the matter by using the Post as Matter Expense option and create the matter expense as well. If the expense was already listed under the matter and was not yet billed, you can link to an existing expense card. You cannot link transactions to a billed expense.

This account will then have a proper running balance for your CC expenses. You can then reconcile this account against your credit card statement just like you would with your other bank accounts

For steps on how to properly post the payment of a credit card statement, Click HERE