You can share various items with your client via client portal such as invoices, calendar events, tasks, notes, and documents. Below each item type is listed along with steps on how to share.

Share Invoices
  • Matter Details or Activities > Invoice Tab > highlight a current invoice > Action > Share via Client Portal

  • To unshare invoice, highlight invoice > Action > Unshare via Client Portal

Share Calendar Events, Tasks, Notes
  • In the add/Edit window, you will see the following:

  • Check the box where it says "Share via Client Portal".
  • Click Save.
  • To unshare item, go into Edit window, and uncheck, "Share via Client Portal".

Share Documents

  • Matter Details > Document tab > highlight a file in Matter Folder > Click Share

  • To Unshare file, Go to matter details > Documents tab > highlight a file in matter folder > click unshare.

Keep in mind that sharing calendar events, tasks, notes, and documents are done on the Matter Level (Matter Details).