Client Portal is a secure way for you to communicate and share information with your clients. With using this function, you can invite your clients to a private page in which you can communicate and share various items related to their matter. These include invoices, events, tasks, notes, and documents. There is also a messaging and commenting function for instant communication. 

  • You as an admin, have full control over what can or cannot be shared with your clients. And can set permissions/restrictions per matter

  • Below is a sample client portal in which clients can access. Note that viewable items change based on permissions

They can have access to the following functions:

Dashboard: View their pending invoices, upcoming tasks, and upcoming events.
Invoice: Download and view all of their invoices shared by the firm as well as pay online via the LawPay integration.
Calendar: View calendar events shared by the firm.
Task: View tasks shared by the firm.
Documents: Download, view and upload documents shared by the firm.
Notes: View tasks shared by the firm.
Messages: Read and respond to messages from permitted users within CosmoLex

For assistance in setting up your client portal, see HERE