With document management, you can add and organize your documents by matter.

**You must first ensure you a linked to your cloud storage account. For instructions to do so, click 

  • Once logged back in, go to the Activities page.
  • Click the "Documents" tab.
  • The left panel contains "matter folders" for each matter in the program. Navigate through to find the requested file or folder to view, add, or delete.
  • If you wish to add non-matter specific documents. Add them to the main CosmoLex folder, listed at the top.

You can also manage your documents directly from the matter.
  • Go to the Matters page
  • Highlight a matter.
  • Click "Details".
  • Click the "Documents" tab.
  • Navigate through to the left panel to find the requested file or folder to view, add, or delete.

Adding a File
  • Click Add > Add File
  • Click "Browse" to navigate through your computer.
  • Highlight the requested file.
  • Click "Open"
  • If the information looks correct, click "Upload".

Adding Multiple Files to a Folder

  • Go to Matter Details or Activities
  • Click on Documents tab
  • Click on the + symbol next to the matter folder you want to open
  • Click on a folder
  • Click Add > Add File.

  • In the Add File window, click browse to choose the files you want to upload.

  • In open file window, click on a folder on the left-hand side and hold down Ctrl (PC users) or Command(for Mac users) on your keyboard and with your mouse, click on several files you want to upload into Cosmolex. 
  • When you have the files selected, click open.

  • In the Add File window, you will see the files you uploaded. When ready, click upload.

  • The files will then appear in the folder as shown below:

Deleting a File (NOTE - this will delete the document from your DropBox account as well)
  • Highlight the requested file.
  • Click "Delete".
  • Click "Yes" if you are sure you want to delete.

Viewing a File
  • To view pdf file, click View.
  • If the file is not pdf, to view it, Highlight the file, and click "Download"
  • Click on the generated file (lower left) to open. Depending on your operating system, the program may generate the file differently based the application associated to the file type.

Renaming a File
  • Highlight the requested file.
  • Click"Rename".
  • Change to the correct name.
  • Click "Save".

Adding Document Details

  • Highlight the requested file.
  • Click "Properties"
  • In Document Properties window, fill out information as shown below.
  • Click Save.

Adding Comments to Documents

  • Highlight the requested file.
  • Click "Comments"
  • Add a comment in the box shown.
  • Choose "Send Email to Notify" a user. Click Add user to tag them to the comment.
  • Click Add.

  • A symbol will show next to the file indicating a comment has been added.

  • You also have the ability to share files via client portal by locating the share symbol shown below:

  • When the client logins into the client portal, they will see the document you shared under the documents section.