If you are using one of our integrations for document storage (Dropbox, Box, etc.) There are some important guidelines to understand in regard to how the syncing of information works.

  • Once you complete the App integration (Setup > Firm Settings > Apps > Turn ON)
  • A CosmoLex Folder is added to your cloud storage account, also containing folders for any matters already in CosmoLex
                                       Box is used in the following example

                                                              Main CosmoLex folder is created (above)
                                               Containing, all current matters as individual folders (below)

    Notice that these folders are named as Client-Matter. It is essential to maintain this folder naming, as this is how Information is synced on a matter level between CosmoLex and your document storage. We do not allow the renaming of main folders in CosmoLex, however, we cannot control the editing privileges of the program you are syncing with.

    You can add subfolders to these folders either from the cloud storage or the CosmoLex side, and name them whatever you wish, however, the main matter folder names must remain intact for your information to properly sync.

    Each time a new matter is added, a new matter folder is automatically created in your cloud storage, which is then synced with the Documents section within CosmoLex.

    For existing matters, you would need to double-click on the matter in matter details, click documents tab and a message will appear saying" The matter you are looking for doesn't have a folder assigned. Do you want to create one? Click yes and the system will create a folder for the matter.

    An Example of a Folder Syncing Issue with solutions:

     Matter Folder In CosmoLex "John Smith - Consultation"
     Matter Folder In Box: renamed to "Consultation of John Smith"

    Documents will not sync between the matter and folder since they are named differently. However, the documents will still be accessible in the CosmoLex Activities area under "Consultation of John Smith".

    To resolve this issue, you have two options:

  • Go into your cloud storage account and rename the folder(s) back to their original names (matching exactly as in CosmoLex) Ex: rename "Consultation of John Smith" back to "John Smith - Consultation"

  • You can turn your document App sync off, then back on which will create new folders for those matters not syncing. You just need to be sure that in your document storage app, all documents that might have been saved in the renamed folder ("Consultation of John Smith") are moved to this new, correct folder ( "John Smith - Consultation")

    Also note, that some document storage providers place integration content in a designated area. For example, Dropbox has an "Apps" folder. The CosmoLex folder is created within the Apps folder upon setup. In order for integration/syncing to work properly, the folders must remain in this default location.