This feature allows the user to manage tasks within the application. Users can create a task, and link a task to a matter.


Adding a Task

  • Click Activities
  • Select the Task Tab
  • Click Add

Once the Add Task dialogue appears:

  • Enter the name of the task
  • Mark the task as private if you do not wish for this task to be viewed by others
  • If you would like to link this task to a matter, select the client/ matter name
  •  "Share via Client Portal - Check this to share the task with a client
  • Choose the billing status of the task (Billable, Unbillable, No Charge, Billed)
  • Choose a start and due date for the task
  • Put a priority status of the task if necessary
  • Send email reminders to users
  •  Add Custom Labels to the task
  •  Enter the description if necessary
  •  Enter the status of the task (not started, in progress, done)
  • Choose a task color (if necessary) for display purposes
  • Click Save.

  • Once created, your task will display on task list with the details, including how many days left when there's a due date.

  • If linked to a matter, the task will also display in the matter details section of that particular matter. 

  • After a billable task has taken place, the time and/ or expense for this task must be manually entered. In addition, the status of the task must be changed to "billed" by editing the task.

Editing a Task

  • Highlight the requested task, and click "Edit", or...
  • Doubleclick the task you wish to edit. This will bring you to an edit task window.

  • Change the requested information
  • Click "Save"
  • After the task is completed, it will be listed in the Activities/Task section or listed in the task section of the matter details (pictured above).