If for some reason you synced with the wrong calendar, or you are having an issue with your sync, the best solution is to unlink the calendar and start over. This is a little more than just turning on/off the sync feature, so here are the steps: 

1 - Turn off Sync:
Within CosmoLex go to Setup > My Settings > User tab > turn off your Google Sync

2 - Unlink CosmoLex Calendar from Google:
In a separate tab, log into your google calendar. See If you have a "CosmoLex" calendar listed on the left among other calendars:

If you do not, move to Step 2b. If you do, follow the steps for 2a below.

2a - Deleting the CosmoLex Calendar from Google

  • At the top right go to the Settings Icon and Choose Settings

  • Be sure to select the Calendars tab

  • Scroll down  and click on the CosmoLex calendar listed

  • Once within the Calendar details, scroll all the way to the bottom and next to "Delete Calendar" select "permanently delete this calendar". Then click Save, and follow the steps listed in 2b.

2b - Revoking Access for CosmoLex App

  • Click on your profile picture at the top right and select "My Account"

  • Scroll down to "Sign-In & Security" and click on "connected apps and sites"


  • Under "Apps connected to this account" select "Manage Apps"

  • On the following screen select "CosmoLex", then "Revoke access"

  • Click Ok.

3 - Log out of Google (go to profile icon, and sign out)

When we resync, we want to start the process from the start, so logging out (not just closing the window) ensures you will be prompted for password information again. 

4 - Turn On Google Sync

  • Within CosmoLex go to Setup > My Settings > User tab > turn on your Google Sync
  • Log into your Google Account
  • Choose which Calendar to Sync


  • Choosing "Create CosmoLex Calendar" will create a separate Calendar within Google. Only items added to THAT Calendar will Sync with CosmoLex. This is useful to keep matter and general appointments separate, but in one view in Google. 
  • Choosing your Gmail address will sync your main calendar both ways between CosmoLex and Google