This feature is used when an upcoming event/task is related to a specific matter.
You can add (and link) these events either in the Activities tab, under Calendar or from the Matter Details section.

Linking From the Activities Section

  • Go to Activities > Calendar (or Tasks)
  • Click "add" to add an event/task, or "edit" to update a current event/task.
  • When the event dialogue is open, be sure "Link to matter" is checked, and type in the client/matter name in the field provided

  • Complete any other necessary fields, then save.
  • For calendar events, you will see the event marked with a file folder icon when linked to a matter

  • For tasks, the linked matter will be listed

Linking From Matter Details

  • On the main matter page, select the matter, then click Matter Details
  • Go to the Calendar tab for that matter
  • Click "add" to add an event, or "edit" to update a current event. 
  • Since you are adding this event/task from within matter details, the "linked to matter" box will already be checked with the matter name entered

  • Any changes made in Calendar or Task tabs are reflected in both the activities section and matter details section of that matter.