Users’ Google calendar events can now be synchronized real-time with the CosmoLex calendar and vice versa.

First, the administrator will log in and start at the Setup Page

  • Click the "Apps" tab on the bottom left of the screen
  • Locate the Google Calendar app under calendar apps section > Click the OFF button. This will change the button to ON, showing a green color

Note: Any user who wishes to sync their calendar, go to my settings > user settings > choose Google as default calendar.

  • The administrator will need to click on the "My Settings" tab
  • Click the User tab at the top under My Settings section
  • Make sure Default Calendar is set as Google Calendar and click SAVE.
  • Then click the button next to Google Calendar to turn on the sync feature.

  • When turned on, Google Calendar will prompt you with a permission screen and will ask which calendar you choose to sync with as shown below:

Cosmolex (Existing) - Is a new calendar that will be created in Google Calendar to sync within Cosmolex. (This is recommended).

Google Calendar (Existing) -  Is the calendar that already has existing events that are linked to your Google Calendar. Calendar events that have been added prior to syncing, when synced with this calendar, will show in Cosmolex.

  • Click "Continue" when finished.
  • You will see a message that says, "Google Calendar is successfully linked to your Cosmolex Account!

Note: Both Google Calendar and the Cosmolex Calendar will sync every 5 minutes