In addition to entering credit card information in-house, with CosmoLex+ LawPay, you also have the ability to request online trust retainer payments by email.

To do so, you must first have your LawPay integration set up, and a trust merchant account with LawPay. 
To Enable LawPay if you have no LawPay Account set up, Click Here

To Enable LawPay if you have an existing LawPay Account, Click Here

Once that is complete, to request an online trust retainer:

  •  Go to Matters > select the matter 
  •  Click Action > Online Trust Retainer Payment

If you receive an error stating the trust bank is not configured to receive online payment, that means the trust bank linked to this matter is not integrated with LawPay. To verify which banks are linked with LawPay, go to Accounting > Banks and locate the banks with a credit card symbol to the left. In order to receive CC payments into trust, the matter must be linked to one of the LawPay trust banks. 

  • The next screen you will see is the retainer payment information.

    At the very top, you are alerted that completing this action will email the customer with a link for them to make an online payment to your trust bank. Be sure to review the information carefully before submitting.

    This form lists the client-matter name, the associated trust bank, the matters current trust balance, and client email address. There is also a field to enter the amount you wish to request. In this example, we are requesting an additional $1000. 

  • When complete, click Next.

  • The next screen is the email template which will populate with the client's information upon being sent. This template can be edited in this screen for one-time use. For permanent edits, do so in Setup > Firm Settings > Email Templates > Online Trust Retainer Payments. Do be sure to keep the fields as is, since those will be needed to populate client information. The [#RetainerPaymentLink#] field will display the appropriate payment link for your client to click and pay.

  • Once all looks good, click the Send button.

Your client then receives an email like the one below, which includes the retainer payment link

Note: A copy of the email will automatically be sent to the firm's email address.

  • Once they click on that link, they will be brought to a payment page like the one below. They can then enter their payment information and click submit payment. Note the retainer amount cannot be edited in this case, as it is per agreement with your client.

  • The payment amount will not only appear as a deposit in your trust bank (via LawPay), but your records in CosmoLex will automatically be updated. 
  • For that matter, a deposit will be entered for you (with a CC payment icon), and the retainer balance will update.