We only support file type QBO. Almost all banks offer that. Otherwise, you can use 3rd party utilities or work with our consultants to convert your statement into QBO format. Apart from that, we can not offer any assistance in getting the statement from your bank. You must work directly with your bank.

  1. Log into your banks website
  2. Locate where statements can be downloaded
  3. Ensure to choose starting and ending dates correct when downloading bank statement file
  4. Download QBO format
?Note: If you have a .ofx format, you can rename that file to have the .qbo extension to import.

Special Instructions:
Here are the steps to get QBO from AMEX (slightly different process)
  • Log in amex website
  • Click on Statements & Activities
  • On the right Click the green Download arrow
  • From the dropdown menu select Card Activity (Very Important that you only select this item)
  • You will see a screen. From left select Quickbooks, followed by Download at the bottom of the screen