During your LawPay integration setup, there is an option to "include a pay online link on invoices". By default that is checked, and you will want to leave that as checked in order for your clients to be able to pay online.
Also during your setup, you are asked to select a default merchant account for your online payments. This means that whichever account you choose as the default, will be the account in which these invoice payments will go.

So, once that is set up, you will want to confirm that the link is in your template.
  • Go to Setup > Firm Settings > Invoice Templates. 
  • Edit your header template and see if you notice the variable [#InvoicePaymentLink#]. If you see it there, this is where the link will populate. You can feel free to move it elsewhere (cover letter, footer, etc) if you would like.
  • If you do not see this variable there, it is due to you having a previously edited header (perhaps with a logo etc) To include this link, just paste [#InvoicePaymentLink#] where you would like the link to go.

Here is a preview of how the link would look on your invoice:

  • Once your client clicks on that link, they will be sent to a payment screen which has your firms branding as well as the invoice amount due. They can change this amount to be a partial, or overpayment if they would like. Any overpayment would roll over into an operating retainer. 

  • Once their payment is submitted, they will receive a confirmation message, and the payment is automatically applied to the invoice within CosmoLex. 

    Pay By Credit Card option via Client Portal

    First, you need to make sure the invoice is shared via client portal within Cosmolex.

  • Go to Matter Details page > click billing section > click Invoice Tab 
  • Select Invoice > Action > Share via Client Portal

  • After this, the client would need to login into the client portal at https://client.cosmolex.com
  • Once logged into client portal, click invoice section on the left side panel. The current invoice will show in the window as shown below. 
  • Select the invoice, and then click "Pay Invoice"

  • The credit card processing window will come up where the client will put in their credit card information.

  • Once done, click Charge.

    The invoice will then be moved over to the "paid" section as shown below: