We recommend first testing a check print onto blank paper, then holding it up to your actual check and see if everything lines up. If the printed text does not fit properly within your check format, there are a few options to adjust this:

1. If you are using Google Chrome, be sure your checks are printing from Adobe PDF. To set this up, Click the three dots or three stacked bars icon in the top right-hand corner of the browser and click Settings. In the Settings section, click Advanced > Click on Content Settings > Click on PDF documents > where it says, download pdf files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome turn this on. If Adobe Reader is your default application for opening pdf files, when printing checks, it will open up directly in Adobe.

2. Due to differing printer settings, you may have a situation where the text prints too high or too low.

For this, we offer a check print offset setting under Setup > Firm Settings > Financial tab

You can enter any decimal between 0.00 and 0.50

If your text is printing below the line and needs to move up, decrease this number

If your text is printing above the line and needs to move down, increase this number

We again recommend printing a test check on blank paper to ensure everything is formatted properly before using actual checks. 

3. For check-check-check style, if you notice an inconsistency with spacing for each check, it may be due to page sizing within your printer settings.

Once your pdf file is open in Adobe, go to File > Print

under Page Sizing and Handling, make sure the setting is on "Actual Size" and that the document size is 8.5 x 11

Once changed, this setting should remain for future printing. 

If your checks are printing incorrectly due to formatting (Ex: your pay to or amount fields are in different locations) You can purchase compatible checks HERE