Many of our customers who use CosmoLex also use Easy-HUD or Easy-CDF for their Real Estate Closings. Within CosmoLex you can import your ledger from Easy-HUD, and/ or Easy-CDF, reducing the need to retype transaction information.

Files that Can be Imported:

  • Easy-HUD: When saving your HUD file, it will be saved as a .hud  or .ref file.
  • Easy-CDF: Instead of importing your entire file, with this program, you need to specifically export the ledger, which will then be saved as a .xml file. To do so, when in your ledger within Easy CDF, click the "Export" button to properly export your ledger. The export button is located on the upper left side, below the word "Ledger". If your ledger was not saved this way, you will receive an error message when importing into CosmoLex.

How to Import Either File Type:
  • First, you need to locate your HUD file and place it somewhere easy to find (Ex: documents, desktop)
  • Also be sure this matter is already added into CosmoLex, and linked to a Trust bank

Once both of those steps are complete, within CosmoLex, do the following.

  • Select the matter from the main page
  • Select > Matter Details
  • Go to Banking tab 
  • Under Transactions section, select Action > Import Closing Ledger


  • You will then be taken to the HUD Import dialogue. Once there click Choose File
  • Then browse for the particular HUD file and click open


  • Once selected, you can then upload the file.

  • Once complete, the HUD transactions window will appear with a listing of the transactions from your HUD ledger. NOTE: though you see the transactions, the upload is not complete. If you were to cancel now, no transactions would be imported. 
  • In this window, you can edit each transaction, if needed, by clicking Edit to the right of each line. The HUD ledger summary to the right will then update (be cautious of the payment/deposit difference)

  • Once ready to add these transactions to this matter, select Complete Import

  • Once you click OK, you will be sent back to the transaction screen with all transactions imported.

    Your HUD import is now complete!