The purpose of deposit slips is as follows:

NOTE: This feature is not for printing bank deposit slips. 

1. Many times (especially with Trust deposits) you may receive several checks from various clients, and wish to deposit them at the bank together. When you enter these transactions into your program, each check is entered under its the respective matter, however, when it comes time to reconcile, your bank statement has the one lump sum deposit. How are you to know which checks that sum is made up of? That is what the Deposit Slip feature is for!

2. If you are using our credit card processing feature, you can charge your clients credit card directly within cosmolex as well as receive invoice payments. Now what typically happens, is the merchant (Visa, Amex etc) will make one lump sum deposit at the end of the day. You may have had 5 credit card payments, but will only see that lump deposit in your bank. batching your credit card transactions again makes reconciliation a breeze.

To group these transactions you will need to navigate to Accounting > Bank > Select a bank > click Details > click Deposit Slips.
Once there, click Add

  • If you are grouping checks and wire/ACH payments, select "Combine Check/Wire/ACH payments"
  • If you are grouping just checks for deposit, select the "Combine Check Payments Only" option and locate the checks you wish to deposit at the bank together

  • (NOTE: Operating banks can have different dates for deposited transactions. All transactions must have the same date when creating deposit slips for Trust banks.)
  • If you are batching your credit card transactions, select the "combine credit card payments (batch)" option and locate the credit card deposits you wish to batch and you can filter this list by the merchant for easier grouping. Note that voids are included in this list as sometimes they occur days after the original transaction. Also, these transactions do not have to have the same date, as in some situations a charge entered today may not be processed until the next business day.

You will then be presented with a lump sum amount at the top (total deposit slip). When ready, c
lick save to create a deposit slip.

Now, when it comes time to reconcile, my $40.00 deposit will match with my $40.00 deposit slip.

To Print a Deposit Slip Summary:

  • Go to Accounting > Bank Tab > Select the bank > Click Details

  • Click Deposit Slip Tab > Select the deposit slip > Click Action > Print Deposit Summary

This will immediately generate a PDF of the deposit slip summary which you can save and/or print.

To Print a Deposit Summary for a Deposit Transaction:

From the Matter Details Page

  • Click Matters in the side panel > Select the matter > Click Details

  • On the Matter Details Page > click banking > Under Transactions tab > select a deposit transaction > Click Action > Print Deposit Slip

From Transactions tab under Accounting:

  • Under the Accounting > Bank Tab > Select bank > Click Details

  • Under Transactions tab > Select deposit transaction > Click Action > Print Deposit Slip


This will immediately generate a PDF of the deposit summary which you can save and/or print.