Reconciling is an important monthly accounting activity. Especially for a Trust account.

Here are the steps to follow at the end of the month regarding manual Bank Reconciliation. If you wish to import your statements for auto-reconcile, click 

  • Go to Accounting tab > Bank tab.
  • Choose the bank you wish to reconcile for, then click DETAILS at the top

  • Once in the bank's details screen, select the reconciliation tab. If you have not already, click ADD to add a statement.

  • Here you will need to select your bank statement's end date and also enter the bank ending balance as listed on your bank statement. Then click SAVE.

    Once your statement is created, to reconcile it, select the statement and click DETAILS

  • Here you will see the listing of all deposits/payments for that month. By default, the program will display uncleared deposits/payments.

  • Clear (click the box next to) any transactions that appear as cleared on your bank statement for both deposits and payments. Once a transaction is cleared, it will move to the cleared section.

  • To view cleared, uncleared, or all transactions, change the "Show" option on the upper left to your liking.

  • As you clear/unclear transactions, your summary on the right will update with cleared/uncleared totals.
    Once your difference equals 0.00, you can click Reconcile to close that month.

  • In addition, there is an option above the summary to clear or unclear deposits/payments all at once

  • If you wish to save your selections, but not reconcile just yet, click the LEAVE button and come back another time to complete. 

Note that once reconciled, you cannot edit or delete transactions from that month.