In Cosmolex, users can mark their invoices "Final" to prevent accidental edits. If changes need to be made to the invoice, the status can be changed to "unfinal", but only by permitted users such as an administrator.

Mark Invoice as "Final":

  • On Matter Details Page or Activities page > Invoice Tab > Highlight an invoice > Action > Finalize Invoice

  • Select Invoice(s) you want to be finalized by checking the box on the left and click "Finalize Selected Invoices(s)

Mark Invoices as “Final” in Bulk:

  • On Matter Details Page or Activities page > Invoice Tab > Action > Finalize Invoices

  • The box in the black bar will automatically check all invoices to be finalized. If you want to select specific invoices, uncheck the box in the black bar, and it will uncheck all the invoices. You can then check off which invoices you want to have finalized.

  • Once done, click "Finalize Selected Invoices(s)"

  • Once Finalized, you will see a symbol aindicating invoice cannot be edited

  • To make changes to the invoice after it has been finalized, simply go to Action > under invoice tab in matter details or Activities and click "unfinal invoice"

    Asymbol will show indicating the invoice can be edited.

Note: Only permitted users and the administrator can make changes to a finalized invoice.

 *Paid Invoices are automatically finalized.