In CosmoLex, our Practice Management functions such as events, tasks, notes, and emails flow right into your billing process. How?

 1. You can mark any item as "billable":

  • When creating an event, task or note that is linked to a matter, you can assign it a billing status.

  • For emails, you need to click on the email to view it, and then change the billing status there.

  • This will mark the item with a billable icon (gray dollar bill), as a reminder to make an entry once the activity is complete.

NOTE: You can sort the icon column so that all billable items are displayed together. (Within Email, you can also filter by Billing Status)

 2. Money Finder

  • One of the biggest losses of income happens right here. Where you may enter a planned activity, and then forget to bill for it when the activity is completed.

  • In CosmoLex, we close that gap with a Dashboard item called the Money Finder (Under Dashboard tab)
    This will list all of the items which you marked as billable, are completed, but were never billed for.

Ideally, you want this section to be completely empty, meaning you have attended to those items.

 3. Add A Timecard

  • If you do have items within the Money Finder, and you are ready to bill for them locate the item (event, task, note, email) select it and click the Time icon, then click "Add Timecard

  • Completing this time card will both change the billing status to "time recorded" and change the icon to a black timer.
          You can also click on the black timer icon to view and/or edit the associated time card.

  • Once this time card is invoiced, The billing status of the activity will automatically change to billed, and it will now be assigned a gray dollar bill icon with a green circle with white check symbol.

  • At this point, you can no longer edit the time card from the activity. You can either change from the edit invoice window or unlink the time card from the invoice altogether.