Due to a large number of available UTBMS codes, and preferences of many audit houses/processors to allow only certain codes, chances of incorrect code use are high and it leads to rejection of nonconforming bills. Law firm staff entering Timecards are often unaware of such situation which could be different for different eBilling clients. Clearly, rejected bills are both time consuming and costly for the law firm. CosmoLex provides following options to minimize such human errors:

  • Under Setup > List Items section > Task and Expense tab > UTBMS tab: You can make any codes which you do not want to use for ANY client “inactive” (System provided UTBMS codes can not be deleted but can be made Inactive).
  • When enabling eBilling at the Firm level, only enable UTBMS codes relevant to your practice areas (You can check or uncheck Bankruptcy, Counselling, eDiscovery, Litigation, Project, Patent, Trademark).
  • When enabling eBilling at the Matter level, only enable UTBMS codes relevant to that matter.
  • If a particular Matter can only use a limited set of codes, use “Restrict Task Codes” function and select codes which are allowed.