If you have not yet walked through the setting up of eBilling with CosmoLex, first follow the steps HERE. These steps are required in order to generate eBills.

Once a matter has been enabled for eBilling, you can enter your Time & Expense cards and produce an Invoice. Even though you wish to generate an eBill, you must first generate an invoice as usual.

  • Once your invoice is generated, click Invoice tab under billing section in Matter Details or Activities > Select the invoice > Click Action > Generate E-Bill.
  • This will produce an electronic file for the selected Invoice (if its Matter’s eBilling is enabled). This file can then be submitted to your client. If there are any required parameters missing, you will be shown the error. Once those parameters are entered, you can Generate eBill again.


    LEDES 1998B OutPut File

    Exported ledes file is an electronic machine readable file which can be submitted to the processor. Please observe following points about few special field related conditions in this file:

  • BILLING_END_DATE: This value is set as “Include Time/Expense Till” date which is specified by the user when Invoices are generated.

  • BILLING_START_DATE: This value is calculated automatically. If there is no previous invoice, this is used as a beginning of the month of “BILLING_END_DATE” value. If there is a previous invoice, this value is set as the day after “BILLING_END_DATE” of the previous invoice.

  • Activity Code: CosmoLex format allows you to leave activity code blank but LEDES 98B format states these are mandatory fields. Many of the newer LEDES formats allows these fields to be blank. To provide maximum flexibility to our users, CosmoLex allows blank activity code but it is user’s responsibility to check with their clients about their requirements. When in doubt, use Activity Codes.

  • LAW_FIRM_MATTER_ID: Only first 20 characters are used when exporting the file.