While you are allowed to add up to eight default rates for each timekeeper, sometimes you have a special situation in which you want to create a rate specific to that matter only.

To do this:

  • Click Matters in the side panel > Select a matter > Click Add/Edit
  • In the Add/Edit Matter window, Click Advanced Settings

  • Within the Billing Info Tab, scroll down and check "Localized Billing Rate" and then click on the Rate button to set up

       In this window, you will select which type of localized rate you want:

  • Fix Rate for All Timekeepers - This will apply the same custom rates to all Timekeepers on this matter. Once this option is selected, you are provided one field to enter your custom fix rate.
  • Select Rate - With this option, you assign a custom rate per timekeeper.
  • With the Select Rate option, you can then click "Add", select the timekeeper and enter the custom rate you want to be applied to this matter. You can then continue this process for as many timekeepers as necessary. Timekeepers not customized in this section will be assigned the matters assigned rate level.
  • Once complete, be sure to save this screen