Once an invoice is generated, you can use the Invoice Reminder tool to generate a list of those which are still unpaid 30, 60 or 90 days past your assigned due date.

There are three areas to access this tool:

  • On the matters page > Click Action > Select "Invoice Reminder(s)" (will pull from full matter list)

  • Activities > Invoices > Click theicon > Select "Invoice Reminder(s)" (will pull from full matter list)

  • In matter details > click billing > select invoice tab > Click theicon> "Select Invoice Reminder(s)" (will only pull overdue invoices for this particular matter)

  • Once selected, CosmoLex will generate a list of invoices that are overdue by 30 days

You have various filters at the top you can adjust:
  • Reminder Letter Date - The body of the email we provide includes a field for this date. This would be the date you want to receive payment by. By default, it is one week from the date you are sending the notice. 
  • Invoices overdue since - The default here is 30 days past the due date, you can change to 60 or 9- days and once you click "Show/Update Invoices" the list will repopulate.
  • Only Balance Amounts higher than - You may only want to send a notification for amounts higher than $100 (for example) If that is the case, enter that amount here. Those with overdue balances less than that will not show up on the list

The grid below will then list the results according to the filters provided above.

The information provided:
  • Client and Matter names - Note than a client and their matter may be listed more than once if they have more than one overdue invoice. They will receive one reminder with the combined overdue amount and two invoices attached. If you have a client with two separate matters, they will receive two separate emails. 
  • Overdue Balance - This is the balance in the invoice which is currently overdue
  • Due Date - This is the original due date for invoice
  • Client Email - this is pulled from the client's contact info. If this field is blank, you can type in the email address and it will then add it to the contact info automatically. You can also edit the current email by clicking on the pencil icon and making your changes. This will also be reflected in the contact info section. 

If you wish to mail your letters (instead of email) this list provides you all of the information you need to generate your letters. For this reason, we have also provided the option to Print Labels at the bottom of the window. keep in mind the client's contact info must be complete in the Contact section in order for it to print here.

Lastly, you have the option to email. Be sure to Check off the items you wish to notify for, by selecting one at a time or select all, then click 
You will you see an invoice reminder template appear. Everything outside the brackets can be customized, but everything within the brackets can't be customized as this will auto-populate information for you.

  • Subject: You can edit this field if needed
  • Email Body: This is the body provided in the Email Templates section of your firm settings (Setup > Firm Settings > Email Templates > Invoice Reminders) If you have access to this setup section, you can update the default message. Otherwise, you can edit this particular email message here. Note that the fields listed in this body (Ex: [#clientcontact#]) will populate with each clients information, therefore creating a customized letter for each client with their own invoice attached. It is important to maintain these fields in the body so that client information populates properly. 
  • Matter and Invoice Count: This is a bulk emailing tool, so this function lets you know how many matters and invoices will be sent. An email is sent per matter. 

When ready, Click Send.

Note: A copy of the email will automatically be sent to the firm's email address.