Deleting an Invoice

You can always edit an invoice, but if you accidentally generated one, you can also delete it.
Deleting an invoice does not delete its respective time or expense cards.
Instead, they go from "billed" to "unbilled" so that they are then available for your next invoice.

To Delete:
  • Click Matters in the side panel > locate the matter.
  • Highlight the requested matter, and click "Details" at the top, or double click on the matter.

  • In Matter Details > click Billing > click invoice tab 
  • Select the requested invoice, and then click Delete

NOTE: If you have payments linked to this invoice, those payments will unlink and get placed into the Operating Retainer for that matter. 

Voiding an Invoice

In most cases, you would simply edit or delete an invoice, but in the event that you decide to no longer bill for certain items and do not want to invoice your client, you can void the invoice.

Voiding does two things:
- It deletes the invoice and makes time/expense cards Unbillable.
- These Unbillable cards will show a value of $0.00 as to not affect your reporting.

To Void:

  • In Matter Details > click Billing > click invoice tab 
  • Click the requested invoice, and click Action > Void Invoice.

You cannot void an invoice with payments received.