If it is an hourly matter, be sure to have some time/expense cards already entered.
If it is a fixed fee or contingency matter, be sure to enter those amounts during matter setup. 

To Generate an Invoice:
  • Go to Matters in the side panel > select the requested matter and click "Details" at the top, or double-click the requested matter. 
  • In matter details, go to billing section > Click Invoice tab and click Create Invoice.


On this screen you can update the following:

  Invoice # - in case you wish to override the number provided. You cannot have duplicate invoice numbers
  Invoice Date - This defaults to today's date
  Due Date - This is set based on the "Invoice is Due Net" Setting under Setup> Settings > Financial Settings
  Include Time/Expense Till  - The default chooses the last day of the previous month. If you would like to include more recent entries, change this date. 
  If you prefer Today's date as the default, you can change this setting under Setup > Default Settings > Invoice Card Inclusion Date
  Edit Time Cards - If you notice something wrong about an entry or something you would like to update, click EDIT to the right of the item. 
  This will pull up the full card for you to edit and save as you would like. 

 You can also take a look at Advanced Settings (at the bottom)

 Description - Here you can enter an overall description for this specific invoice to be displayed near the top.
 Discount - You can assign a flat or percentage discount to the invoice total
 Late Fees & Finance Charges - You can add these amount here if applicable and they will add to your invoice total
 Include Cover Page - Select this if you would like our cover page template to be included when printing your invoice. There is also a default  setting for this  under Setup > Settings > Invoice Templates
 You can also group identical soft cost charges for invoice Printing

When complete, click Generate at the top right.

You will then see the generated invoice with a 
 symbol next to it on the left-hand side, indicating that changes can be made to the invoice.

To Generate Multiple Invoices at Once:

  • Click Activities in the side panel > Invoices section
  • Click Create Invoice
  • Here all matters with Unbilled Time/Expense will be listed

  • To view the details of each matter, click the arrow to the right as shown below. Here you can edit the time/expense cards if needed.
  • You can also group identical soft cost charges for invoice Printing


Once your invoice(s) are generated, you can view/print and also email
 directly to your client.