Some firms debit the trust account throughout the month, perhaps on a weekly basis, but do not invoice the client until the end of the month. Typically an invoice payment from trust is completed after the invoice is generated, However, in this situation, the invoice is not yet created.

Here we will outline the best way to account for all of those debits and ensure they are applied to the invoice at the end of the month:

  • On the main matter page, locate the matter, then go into Matter Details
  • Here, go to the Transactions tab
  • Click the Trust Transaction button to add your trust debit
  • After each trust transaction is entered, you must also enter an Operating Retainer for the same amount by clicking "Receive Retainer" > "Operating". 
  • It is very important to complete both of these steps with each Trust debit as this is the only way to keep track of your client's funds available to apply to the future invoice.

You can follow these steps as often as you are debiting the Trust throughout the month.
Once your month is complete, generate your invoice, then pay that invoice by selecting "Invoice Payment Using" > "Existing Operating Retainer". You can take this credit which has been accumulated and then apply it to this monthly invoice.