Just starting with CosmoLex?

Here is a quick start guide that will lead you through the initial setup needed before you begin entering clients and matters. You can access your application at law.cosmolex.com

Go to Setup Tab       

1. Timekeeper:  Click on ADD to create various Timekeepers (those who have an hourly rate) whose time will be tracked and billed along with their default rate. If Timekeepers charge different rates for different types of work, you can set their multiple rates but only one can be set as default.

2. Matter Owner: This list populates along with the Timekeeper list. However, the purpose of a matter owner is very different. A Matter Owner is the person who would be responsible for a particular matter and is selected upon creating a matter.  This setting is required in order to create matters.

3. Firm Settings: Important settings you can customize. For more details on these settings, go HERE
  • Financial Settings: Set your billing preferences. Pay special attention to “Incremental Timer Unit” which defaults to 6 minutes. If you do not want rounding of the billable time recorded, set this to 1. 
  • Firm Preferences: Various defaults for banking and check printing purposes. 
  • E-Billng Settings: Settings to enable e-billing functions.
  • Invoice Templates: Choose cover page and invoice formats to be used. You can preview/edit various available formats and select the one you will like to use for each invoice type. At the bottom of this section, you can select whether to include a cover page, to display task and/or description on invoices as well as to list your transaction summary. 
  • Email Templates: This contains the content for your email messaging for emailing invoices, overdue invoice reminders, and low retainer reminders
  • Firm Information: This information will be printed on invoice headers and various system reports.
  • Apps: This is the area where you can enable/disable various apps for other users to access.

4. My Settings: The User Level of settings
  • My Preferences: This is a copy of the Firm Preferences section. This provides the ability for each user to set their own defaults or use the firm defaults
  • User Settings: This contains various user options such as time zone, date format, and default country. You also can enable/disable any apps you have been given access to.

5. List Items: A customizable area where you can edit drop down menus create shortcuts and task workflows.
These items are not required to begin working within CosmoLex, but it is good to know what is available so that you can get these areas set up the way you would like as soon as possible.
For more information on this section, Click HERE
You are now ready to start entering client data!

Go ahead and click on the Matter Tab, and go HERE for help in setting up your matters.