Follow these steps to apply a discount to an invoice to that has already been paid:

  • First, go inside the Matter and proceed to the Invoice tab. Select the invoice in question, and hit the delete button. 

  • The software will ask if you want to delete the selected Invoice, select Yes. 

  • Next, the software will advise that deleting the Invoice will unlink the payment and the money will be moved to the Operating Account, Select Yes again. 

  • All the previously-billed time and expense entries will move back to unbilled status. Additionally, the payment will be reflected in the Operating Retainer portion of the Matter. 

  • While staying in that Invoice tab within the Matter, click Create Invoice to recreate the invoice and apply the discount as either a percentage of the invoice amount or for a fixed dollar amount. After you have applied the discount, hit the Generate button to create the discounted invoice. 

  • From here, you would reapply the funds by clicking on Invoice Payment Using > Existing Operating Retainer.

  • This will leave you with the discounted amount still present in the Operating Retainer. If you would like to credit the money back to the client, you can do a Credit Memo. Click HERE to see how that function is done.