In Cosmolex, you can allocate vendor cost to multiple matters. For example, A single vendor bill from FedEx can be split to multiple matters and paid as a single disbursement from your operating account.

To do this:

  • Go to Accounting > Accounts Payable tab > Click Add

In the Add Bill window, fill out the information needed for the bill.

Where it says, "Post as matter expense", you can create an expense card for each bill associated linked to a client matter. For example, I'm creating a matter cost bill for a delivery charge for FedEx.

When done, click save.

Now, that you have all your matter cost bills entered, all you would need to do is check off the bills you want to write a single disbursement check for and click Pay.

In the pay bills window, fill out the information such as:

Date: Date of payment of the bill

Amount: This will automatically populate the total bill amount

Payment Type: Check or wire/ach-out

Pay To: The payee

Bank: Choose a bank. This where you would be paying the disbursement from either operating, business, or credit card account.

Memo: put in memo

Account: This is a chart of account split among the matter costs selected.

The remaining section shows the selected matter cost bills where the disbursement will be applied to.

  • When ready, click pay. The bills will now be moved to the paid section.

  • To view the paid bills, change where it says show "unpaid" to "paid"