There are times where you need to make changes to a paid invoice for a client such as adding more time/expense cards to the invoice, adding a discount, etc

To edit a paid invoice, you first need to unfinalize the invoice.

To do this:

  • Click Matters in the side Panel > Billing section > Invoices tab or click Activities > Invoices 
  • Click Search Filter Icon to the right > change status to Paid > locate the paid invoice > highlight the invoice
  • Click Action > select unfinal invoice

  • Once the invoice is unfinalized, click edit.

  • You can add more time/expense cards to the invoice but you can’t change a timecard that has already been paid. Once you have made changes, Click Generate.

  • The funds used to pay the invoice prior will go into the operating retainer as shown in the message below:


  • The generated invoice with the new invoice balance will be moved from paid to unpaid as shown below:


  • The funds will be moved to the operating retainer. To apply the funds to the invoice, select the invoice > Invoice Payment Using > Existing Operating Retainer 

  • Once the payment is applied, the invoice will be finalized automatically and will go into the paid section.