You may have unpaid invoices you want to make changes to such as editing the time card, applying a discount, etc.

To do this:

  • Click Matters in side panel > select Matter > Click Details

  • On the Matter Details page > Go to billing section > click invoice tab > Select unfinalized invoice > click edit.

In the Edit Invoice Window:

  • Edit Time/Expense Cards - You can make changes to time cards, by clicking on edit to the right of the time/expense cards.

  • You can also make other changes such as invoice#, Invoice Date, Due Date, Include Time/Expense till, Description/Terms, adding a discount, overhead charges, late fees, and finance charges, etc.

  • Once done making changes to the invoice such as applying/removing discount, adding additional charges, and editing time/expense cards, click generate and the unpaid balance will be updated.

  • You can double click on the invoice or go to Action > select view invoice(selected) to see the changes made on the invoice.