Once you have your CosmoLex forwarding address, you can then follow the steps below.

 Note: If your email address is not hosted by Outlook, you would need to set up the cosmolex forwarding address in the host's forwarding settings. GoDaddy, Thunderbird, and Bluehost are few examples of web hosting services that you may be using.

Note: Make sure that the email address you are choosing to set up email forwarding with, is the email address associated with your user account in Cosmolex.


  • In Outlook 2010, Click File > Manage Rules & Alerts > New Rule

  • You will need to set up two rules: one for Incoming and another for Outgoing emails. Select one of the two options and click Next.

  • Under “Select Condition”, do not tick any check box and click “Yes” for the warning.

  • Select the forwarding option shown in the screenshot below and enter the email address copied from CosmoLex in the first step above.

  • Leave everything unticked for the Exceptions step.
  • In the final step, give a name to the Rule and click “Finish”

  • For Outgoing emails, you can follow the same steps after selecting “Apply rule to messages I send” in the first step. And select the option to Cc in the configuration step as shown in the screenshot below.