Many times, banks charge fees, sometimes incorrectly. You still need to account for those in your program so that you can reconcile for that month. 

Operating Bank
  • Go to Accounting > Bank
  • be sure to select the proper operating bank, then Details
  • under Transactions, click Add
  • type:  Adjustment Out
  • enter amount of fee
  • be sure to leave internal notes on 'Memo 2' Line
  • also, select proper Account (we provide 6075: Bank & Merchant Service Charges), then click save.


Trust/Escrow Bank
Since Trust transactions MUST be associated with a matter, you will need to create an Administrative Matter where you can account for such fees (and also enter personal "buffer" amount in account) so that they do not go against a client's account. 
  • Go to Matter Tab
  • Select your administrative matter
  • Select "Trust Transaction" on the right
  • Enter the same as listed above, then save.
NOTE: If you do not have enough money in the account to cover the fee it will produce the following error:

Contact for work around options for this safeguard