LawPay is our integration partner for credit card processing. If you do not have a LawPay account but are interested in opening one, visit

Any questions related to setting up or managing your LawPay account should be directed to LawPay.

Setting Up Your Integration

  • First be sure to have your merchant accounts set up through Law Pay. Once that is complete, within CosmoLex, go to Setup > Firm Settings > Apps and turn on Law Pay under Credit Card Processing Apps.

  • You will be asked if you would like to leave this page, or stay on this page, click "leave this page."
  • Once taken to the next page, you will be asked to sign into your LawPay account
  • Note: if your login begins with cyd, ap or lp you need to click on the Legacy tab to log in.

  • Once signed in, Any banks you have created within CosmoLex will be listed on the left, along with the options to link to a merchant account you have set up. Select which accounts you want to link to which banks. Also select your default bank for invoice payments (if applicable).

Once complete, click submit.
Your LawPay integration is set up!!
Click "Back to CosmoLex" to return to the program.


          With this integration, you now have the following options:
  • Clients can pay their invoice directly from the email
  • Clients can pay their Invoice from within their client portal
  • You can request online trust retainer payments
  • You can charge clients' credit card in-house for invoice payments or receipt of their retainer.