A Positive Pay list can be generated through CosmoLex. For information on how Positive Pay works, click HERE.
  • Navigate to Accounting > Bank.
  • Click the requested bank, and click "details".

  • In the "Transactions" tab, click "Action > Positive Pay List".


  • Choose the range type (today, this month, last month, or a custom date range).
  • Once a range is chosen, click "Generate".


An Excel (.csv) file will now download to your computer. This file contains a list of uncleared transactions for transmission to your bank. 

Please keep in mind that there are hundreds of commercial banks, each with its own format for Positive Pay transmissions. We realized we could not support so many formats in a cost-effective way, so instead, we compile and export the information in a format that can be read by a third-party software designed to act as a translator between billing software and banks. We have not partnered with any specific provider, For our recommendations, please click on the Positive Pay link at the top of this article.