Discounts are typically applied while generating (or editing) an invoice that has yet to be paid. If you are looking to waive a remaining invoice balance, see HERE.

Applying a Discount to the Invoice Total

First, you must be in the add (or edit) invoice screen.
  • Scroll to the bottom to locate the discount field.
  • Here you have the option to apply a percent or flat discount. Select the desired application
  • Enter the discount amount/percentage in the field to the left.
  • The total discount amount will then be calculated for you on the right. 

**NOTE that discounts only apply to fee portions, not expenses. 

On the invoice it will appear as follows:


Discounting Individual Entries

If you are looking to discount individual line items, that will need to be completed manually when entering the time entry.

First, enter a time card as usual to calculate the "full price" for the activity completed.

Then change the rate type to FLAT and enter the discounted amount you wish to charge, in the Rate/Price field.

On the invoice, it will display as follows: