Note: Discounts are typically applied while generating (or editing) an invoice that has yet to be paid. If you are looking to waive a remaining invoice balance, or make a change to an invoice that has already been delivered to the client or partially paid, see HERE.

Applying a Discount to the Invoice Total

Step 1: Follow the steps to Create an Invoice. (Not sure how? Click Here)

Step 2: Once you are at the add/edit invoice screen, follow these steps:
  • Scroll to the bottom to locate the discount field. Here you have the option to apply a percent or flat discount.
  • Enter the discount amount/percentage in the field to the left.
  • Select your format option (percent or flat). The total discount amount will then be calculated for you on the right.*

*Discounts only apply to fee entries, not expenses. 

Your Discount will appear on the invoice as follows:

Discounting Individual Entries

To discount individual line items, you may enter a change at the individual time or expense entry.

  • First, enter a time card as usual to calculate the "full price" for the activity completed.
  • Then change the rate type to FLAT and enter the discounted amount you wish to charge, in the Rate/Price field.
  • When ready, Click Save

  • On the invoice, it will display as follows: