Running multiple timers at once in Cosmolex is essential to track time for different case matters, while working on other activities such as generating invoices, adding/viewing documents, adding time card/expense cards, etc.

You can now run multiple timers for case matters at the same time.

Note: Only one timer can be active at a given time.

To Track Time:

  • You can access timer by clicking on the timer shown above the navigation menu:

  • The track time window will show, and you can type in matter name that you would like to track time for:

  • Click the circle with the + sign to add another timer.
  • When ready, click the play button and the timer will begin.
  • If you need to delete a timer, click

If you have a timer running, and you click on another one to run, it will pause the other timer.

      You can pause/stop the timers if necessary.
          Clear Timers - This will clear all the timers in the window.
          Minimize - This will minimize timer window and will allow timers to run in the background.

  • When you're done tracking time for a matter, stop the timer and then click post. A timecard will show to enter the task you did for the client.

    Where it says "Time billed" this is the time that was tracked from the timer.

    When finished, Click Save.

Note: You will receive the warning message below if there are unposted timers remaining and you proceed to log out of Cosmolex:

Keep in mind, unposted timers would be lost if you refresh, close the screen, or log out so as activities are completed, post your time cards.