In some states, and with some services you can apply a tax to your client invoices. Please be aware of your local guidelines to ensure you are applying the tax to the proper amounts.

Entering the Tax Amount
  • Go to Setup > Firm Settings > Financial Settings
  • Here you have a field for Sales Tax Rate (to be applied to Expenses) and Service Tax Rate (to be applied to your legal fees)

  • Enter the percentage to those fields which apply. 
  • Click Save at the top right to save changes.

Set Matter as Taxable
  • When adding (or editing a matter) go into Advanced Settings > Billing Information and change the Tax Status to "Taxable"


  • This will set all future Time/Expense cards as taxable by default, and the % provided in settings will apply to the invoice.

If you need to tax only certain items, you can leave the matter as "Non-Taxable" and then with each Time/Expense entry you have the option in Advanced Settings to change the tax status of the item. Here, you would UNCHECK the "Non-Taxable" flag, if you wish to apply the tax.

  • Once you generate this matter's invoice, you will see the "Tax Applied" field populate the proper value.