Emailing Invoices Across All Matters

  • Navigate to Activities
  • Select the Invoices Tab > Click theicon 
  • Select > "Email Invoice(s)" (Here all invoices will be listed)


  • Select the ones you wish to email
  • Ensure email addresses are completed in the right column. (If you add or change email here, it will update clients contact information)
  • If email is not provided, upon clicking "Email" you will receive an error message to enter an address in order to send. 
  • When Ready, click Email


  • Review the provided template (this template can be edited under Setup > Settings > Email Templates > Email Invoice)
  • When Ready click Send

Invoices are each sent as an attachment to the provided template to the email addresses provided on the previous screen.

A copy of the email will automatically be sent to the Firm's Email Address.

Emailing Invoice(s) for a Single Matter:

  • On the main matter page, locate your matter.
  • Highlight the requested matter and click "Details" at the top, or double click that matter.
  • Click on Invoice Tab > Click theicon
  • Select "Email Invoice(s)" (Here all invoices for this matter will be listed)
  • From here follow the same steps as listed above