At the top of most pages, there is a show option, a search option, and under those, there is a list bar. These options make it easier, and more efficient for the user to find the requested information.

Show Options

These options change pending on which screen you're viewing. For example, on the main matter screen, this would show active, inactive, or all matters. On the time/expense screen, this would show billed, hold, unbilled, or all time/ expense entries.


Search Options

These options help the customer find who or what they are searching for in a more efficient manner. The matter screen, for example, has search options for Bank Name, Client Id, Client Name, Fee Allocation Enabled, ID#, Label, Matter File Number, Matter Name, Matter Owner, Originating Attorney, Work Attorney, and Taxable. In another area such as the task screen, the search options are pending, not started, in progress, done, and all tasks.


  • Enter who/what's being searched in the blank box to the left of "Search"
  • Choose the requested type in the drop-down to the right or "Search where"
  • Click "Search"
  • The results will appear below the search

Sort Options

The grid title bar under the show and search options can be used to list columns in a certain order by clicking the black bar at the top of the chosen column. Name related columns (client, matter, etc.) can be listed alphabetically from A to Z, or Z to A. Number related columns (file #, unpaid balance, trust retainer, etc.) can be listed from lowest to highest amount, or highest to lowest amount.