If you are currently in trial and wish to enter your payment information, click on the "Upgrade Now" button.

The upgrade window will now display


  • Select the billing frequency (Monthly, Annual). Note that your account will not be charged until the end of your trial period
  • The number of users is listed beneath. If you want to add/remove users, you must cancel this window and adjust users under User Management first. 
  • When complete, click save
  •  Once logged into the Billing Portal, click "Update Payment Method"


  • Enter your card information and billing address, then click "Save"

If you have already entered your billing info, but wish to update, you can do so from your billing portal
  • To access your billing portal, log into the CosmoLex program.
  • Once logged in, click the to the right as shown below.
  • Click "Billing Portal".

From there you can update your payment information.